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How to make Chennai better?

How to make Chennai better?

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Smart City Chennai challenge was a [Mygov.in] initiative, to get citizen opinions and viewpoints on how to improve their city. This was issued back in Fall of 2015.  The following article is the one submitted by Sai Prahlad K -creator of seed-succeed.com. It was endorsed by the ‘The Economic Times Newspaper’ & published on the front pages of the Economic times across India on december 5th, 2015. Check out the newspaper article by clicking here.

Smart City Chennai Challenge

-Written back in 2015

My dream city:

A city with clean water, self-sufficient food supply, electricity, drainage system, good security, fast transport, free Wi-Fi Internet access, land of opportunity, and a hub of commercial and economical society.

The biggest problems in Chennai are the drainage system, the Cooum river and women’s security. The drainage system is so terrible that half an hour of rain is enough to flood the streets and underground subways! The pools of stagnated water due to lack of proper drainage breeds legions of mosquitos that seek to conquer all of mankind with their whining sound and short daggers. They cause endless suffering to the people and spread deadly diseases like malaria, dengue and who knows what! The stagnated water from “drizzles” make potholes invisible and live electric wires dangerous causing death and destruction to poor hasty travelers. If we are to make Chennai a better place then we must deal with this problem.

Fear not, a new concrete called ‘Topmix Permeable’ could solve rainwater flooding and other drainage problems. This concrete can drain approximately 4000 liters of water in 60 seconds. Employing this to our streets and subways will drain water so fast we won’t know it rained. Bringing this tech into the city will make our city a better place. Furthermore, by building underground reservoirs to store excess water from rainstorms and by incorporating and connecting topmix permeable drainage system with the underground reservoirs will give us a new water source and perhaps even a new power source –hydroelectric power converting kinetic energy into electricity.  Using Topmix Permeable and Building Underground Reservoirs will help us solve our drainage problem.


         The Cooum River

coovum river

it’s polluted, it’s dirty, it stinks and worst of all it is located in the heart of the city. Cleansing this polluted river should be -our government’s- main objectives for it would not only bring us fresh water -that we can use for agriculture, industry etc. – we can also turn the river into a tourist site bringing revenue, and furthermore help during droughts and prevent deadly diseases that are caused by poor sanitation -which kills approximately more than 700,000 children every year across the globe.

To stop pollution, the first thing we ought to do is stop the pollutants -the source. To clean the Cooum river we need to stop the pollutants that pollute the river. Reinforcing strict rules, renovating the sewers, the drainage system and by finding an alternate way to dispose human waste is the only way to cleanse the river.


To clean the Mississippi River: United States does the following process: Coagulation -> Flocculation -> sedimentation -> disinfection -> pH adjustment -> Fluoridation and -> Filtration. This process requires massive infrastructure of sewer lines and treatment plants. Hence, making it difficult for developing countries to employ them.

Bill Gates Foundation funds a project called the ‘omniprocessor’ built by Janicki Bioenergy, an engineering firm based on north of Seattle. The omniprocessor through the ingenious use of a steam engine destroys human waste and converts it into pure drinking water and free electricity. Bill Gates couple of months back made a video of him drinking ‘poop water’ or more precisely purified water from the omniprocessor. Employing this technology to our city will help us immensely in making this city a better place.

Women’s security: There are so many race and class discrimination in the world it is hard to prevent crime and human greed. The only solution is to focus on children and their education. Providing cheaper but better quality education must always be our goal, and remember

“Education must be like the kindling of a flame, not a filling up of a vessel.”

Making martial arts and self-defense classes a must in schools across the country -could better protect our children. Increasing CCTV cameras, increasing the police force, and removing the “moral police” and “finger pointers” out of the society will also help improve this city. Providing faster and cheaper internet services and Wi-Fi access points will enable us [the people] to connect with one another faster and easier. This will improve women’s security -with safety apps and GPS tracking devices.

Other problems, solutions and suggestions: To increase power efficiency [electricity] employing transparent solar panels on windows, and building solar pathways could satiate our energy demands. For stray animal population building animal shelters -which does not act as a cage but rather a place for them to live– will help both the populous and the animals.

Improving the sea wall, placing emergency sirens, constructing earthquake proof buildings, performing safety drills, training stray dogs for search and rescue, will improve our security and safety during natural disasters. Building escalators in Railway stations [especially] for old people will make travelers happy. Broadening the roads, enforcing strict traffic regulations, strict license exams, and placing mirrors in every intersection will make roads safer.


  • Employing Concrete Topmix Permeable for drainage.
  • Building Underground reservoirs to store the drained water.
  • Employing the Omniprocessor for human waste disposal.  
  • Incorporating transparent solar panels in windows and building solar pathways for electricity.
  • Animal shelters for stray animals.
  • Training Stray dogs for search and rescue to help during natural disasters.
  • Increasing the sea wall to prevent Tsunami’s.
  • Constructing Earthquake proof buildings for Earthquake disasters.
  • Placing Sirens, and performing and executing public safety drills to help people better prepare for times of emergencies.
  • Building escalators in all railways stations for old people.
  • Placing mirrors in every intersection, and enforcing strict traffic laws to make roads safer.
  • Providing cheaper and faster internet services and Wi-Fi access-points to connect minds together.
  • Making Martial arts and self-defense classes a must for children to better protect themselves.
  • Increasing CCTV and the police force for better security.
  • And finally focusing on cheap but quality education for ALL will make our city the best place to live in!  

                                                                                           Nov, 2015

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