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How To Stop Your Dog From Peeing Inside the House

How To Stop Your Dog From Peeing Inside the House


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Hope it helps!

Experiment with it, might take few tries but you can train him.

Experiment – nothing is easy in life – but the hard is what makes it great, and fulfilling.


Understanding Doggies Nature

Doggies usually pee where they:

A. smell their pee, or
B. smell other doggies pee, or
C. Marking territory so that if they get lost – they will know a way back, and also to warn/inform other dogs ‘this is my turf.’


How to stop your dog from peeing inside the house?lol


    • Remove the scent thoroughly – use Kennel wash or something that will remove a dog’s urine scent.Like:

Or ‘Kennel Wash’ you can get it Pet supplies store.

  • Remove the scent thoroughly inside the house.
  • Second: designate a place or area for them – bathroom or outside garage etc.
  • Third: use a waste cloth or mat – soak it up on the dog’s urine. And place it on the designated place  (this training is essentially given to puppies). You can have more than one designated place.The urine cloth/mat – informs the dog – that this is the place he should urinate at.


This is essentially what we did to train Sherlock.Seed Succeed Mascot dog

We removed his urine scent thoroughly from the living room.

Designated him a place – provided him a location.

And practised him to go there – took him there when ever he wanted to pee and we had a cloth he urinated on – that indicated this is the spot he went on – therefore should go on. 

Couple of days later, we threw away the cloth, as he didn’t need it anymore. – we did this when he was a pup, and pup’s urine does not smell compared to an adult dog.


Also essentially, you may want to take your dog out for two walks – one in the morning and one at night, or more. 



And, if you do see him go inside – command him to stop and immediately take him to the designated area.

It does take little bit of effort – but anything that is to easy is often not that rewarding.

Experiment – Train – and Enjoy the process.

You can do it!

you can do it


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