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Top 10 Rules of Success | Grant Cardone

Top 10 Rules of Success | Grant Cardone

✎ If you're looking for ways to get attention, keep feeding the dream, and go to the next level this video is for you. Grab a snack and chew on today's lessons from a man who went from coming out of a drug rehab center at age 25 to becoming a millionaire 5 years later and today owning over half a billion dollars in real estate. He's Grant Cardone and here's my take on his Top 10 Rules for Success Volume 3!



Here is a quick summary of the Top 10 Rules of Success, in case you are curious 🙂

1. Put yourself first
2. Get attention
3. Keep feeding the dream
4. Don't make excuses
5. Study success
6. Work super hard
7. Expand
8. Aim for freedom
9. Go to the next level
10. Set the right target

Keep your attention on the glimmer

✎ Grant Cardone is internationally renowned business and sales expert. He's the author of 7 sales and business books. He has worked with companies like Google, Aflac, Toyota, GM, Ford and many more. He appears regularly on Fox News, CNBC, Fox Business, and contributes to Entrepreneur.com. He was named the #1 marketer to watch in 2017 by Forbes Magazine. He helps his followers and clients to make success their duty. He's the creator of customized sales training programs for Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs. He's the author of New York Times bestseller book "If You're Not First, You're Last". He captivates and motivates audiences with his engaging and entertaining speaking style. He's heavily involved in civic affairs and charitable organizations.

Volume 2: of Top 10 Rules of Success By Grant Cardone

1. Be obsessed
2. Go for it!
3. Learn to dominate
4. Control your thoughts
5. Get some haters 6. Decide to make the news
7. Get advice from the right people
8. Get busy
9. Show up no matter what
10. Help somebody

Get your money mindset right
Build the right team
Study success

Volume 1: of Top 10 Rules of Success By Grant Cardone

1. Success is your Duty
2. Make deals a priority
3. Work hard
4. Ignore the #LittleMan
5. Don't be negative
6. Have a target
7. Don't depend on one product
8. #Believe
9. Work to your potential
10. Don't quit

*All credits go to Evan Carmichael!* 

I go to Evan's Channel every-time I am looking to learn or study about a famous person. I type in Top 10 ...(name of the person)... Evan Carmichael and BOOM!

You should try it too!  Thank you Evan Carmichael !!

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10X Growth Conference was absolutely Mind blowing! I watched the entire thing LIVE and my 63 year old mom watched it too (here and there). We had great speakers, great points, great inspiration and great entertainment. it was mind blowing!

Looking Forward to GC3

If you watched GC2, then who do you think will the speakers be on GC3? 

Comment below! 

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