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Life Blog of an Entrepreneur: Day 1 – Thoughts

Life Blog of an Entrepreneur: Day 1 – Thoughts

Day 1 | Thoughts

For the Love of God and madness, I finally started my daily blog!

My objectives for starting this: 
1. being an Entrepreneur I figured the most important thing one needs is a good culture in a company.  Andy Frisella, one of my mentors, he said "you need to project your core beliefs every where in your business, including your website".  So, Hell yeah! I want to go Seed Succeed baby! 


Second Reason, I hope my future generations and connections, whether it be family, friends, business partners, investors or employees will read these and get to know me better, and as well get the right mindset or picture of the culture and beliefs I have and what I stand for - because, I hell do not want a person as an ally who cannot share similar beliefs or mindsets as I do. These could be considered as indirect training material and as a form of recruitment.    

Third Reason, I have so much stuff piled up in my head that I cannot share openly or directly with some people. This 'blogging' could be a means to get my message across to them. Because their lack of awareness is not getting them anywhere. 

Those are my three reasons. Now lets get down to business,

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2 Lessons Teenagers & adults need to know:  

First Lesson: Look its not all about the money. If you owe debts to someone, you don't have to repay it with cash! You can also do it with sweet equity. 

Figure out how you can be valuable to them and help them out, impose on them, show initiative. Look if you don't show initiative on life, you ain't going no where bro or gal. And second, do not expect them to 'ask you' to help them. They don't need your help, or, they haven't figured out how you can help them. So, you got to take the initative and sincerely find ways to provide value for them. 

Do this and you maybe able to repay debts without money. 

Second Lesson: When someone gives you an opportunity or gives you a freaking Job. You F****** show up at their door step knocking, especially when you are not doing anything with your life. 

Again, do not expect the guy who is giving the opportunity for you to come to your door step to give you the damn job. You go there knock. 

4 Limited Assets that we must all learn to Leverage and use effectively. 

  1. Time
  2. Energy
  3. Attention
  4. Money

These are THE FOUR assets you and I have, and we must learn to use them effectively. 

No one truly knows how much time a man has, but if one wants to go to places. They better start seeding plants today, because a good time to plant a tree is 20 years ago or today. 

we live as if immortals to our dreams and live as mortals to our fears. - Seneca 

What it means is, we postone our dreams, saying we can do it tomorrow or next time or next month, as if we are immortals. But, when it comes to our fears, "oh that chest pain due to eating too much potatoes" we live as if mortals. 

Time is an very important asset - they are the non-refundable. 

Second, Energy. This one I feel a lot of people neglect. 

Look we only have so much energy in a day to do great work. If you engage yourself with all the distractions in the world(s) and with people and their agenda's. You are going to consume ton of energy and you wont have any energy to achieve your dreams. So you have to be mindful of your energy. Learn to say No to people and know when you are acting and when you are reacting to an event/ situation.


Where there is attention, there is life - Gary Vee

This is especially true in business, marketing and advertising. You want to advertise in places where people hang out and are grouped together. Because, every business needs attention to succeed. 

Zero attention to your business = bankrupt. 

Attention gives you income in the long run. Coming to our topic: Where is our attention, there is our life.

If your attention is on women, then that is where your thoughts are going to be. If your attention is on what your neighbor did, or what your dad did, or what did your favorite YouTuber or monkey or clown did etc., If your attention is on other people's content, you are being spectator bro or gal. Spectator is not a creator. 

My dad is a spectator, he consumes way too many WhatsApp and newspapers and news, he is almost a lost cause. 

You want to be a creator in life. because if you are not creating something, then you are destroying some thing else.  There is always an opportunity cost. 

Pay attention to your attention.

Money: There is an old saying which I don't remember. Its like this, you can know a person's mind by looking at his expenses. Money spent, reveals what is on one's head. 

 These are the 4 Assets we all have that we must use well and effectively. 

First step to using them effectively is awareness. 

Know Thyself.




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