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To Be Alive – Thought of the Day

To Be Alive – Thought of the Day

Every problem has a solution and the solution is to GO MASSIVE !

When ever you hit a problem, you should not contrast. Doing so will harm you, your organization and your family.

There was this Chinese model who did a photo shoot that changed her life… for worse! according to her.  What happened was people made stories about her that she used plastic surgery and it went viral by bad press and it went to a whole lot of thing – you can find the story in CNN or BBC.

The actress said, “she didnt get higher paid gigs, everyone was questioning her and her life was a downslide…”

it was sad that she was forced to go through everything – BUT – being a Victim or not is your choice!

I am not picking on her but she became the victim and it did not change her life for the better.

As long as you act like a victim, your life is not going to change for the better, even if its legit. #TruthOfLife

What she could have done is take responsibility and hustle. Like, “Yes, I am the model who everyone says used plastic surgery – But I didn’t. I am the Real DEAL” And then pushed her personal brand and face out. She could have made so much better, than becoming a victim. Like Kim Kardasian – just look how much bad press they have! They don’t act like victims, we do.

We all act like victims – it could be societies’s default wiring. Who hasn’t heard this: “The economy is bad, I don’t have education, I’m not good at it, I suck, bad stuff happened to me, I’m single, I’m married, I’have kids, I don’t have kids, I’m in debt, the government is corrupt,  politicians suck, there is no money in the world, success is not everyone “… EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES !!

I have said this shit myself and I hear from people about this everyday, not just from people around me but also the news, YouTube.

Look, Complaining is not going to change the situation, acting like a victim is not going to change the situation. Even if your case is legit.

What will change your life is Going MASSIVE on your actions.

Don’t make one phone call, make 100! Don’t go visit one prospect (for sponsor or for business or investor) 1000X your search. Don’t make 10 youtube videos – make 10,000! Even Pewdipie doesn’t have 10,000 videos, but he sure hell has more than average.

Going Massive on anything thing will solve your problems. If you are a teacher, get 1000 kids (you become a school) – even 100 students will change your income.

The problems we have, they look big only from a distance – but when you go closer and closer, step by step, they become achievable.


End of Today’s Rant.

My teacher asked me write everyday and here I am sharing my thoughts of the day.

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God Bless Be Great!

Sai Prahlad K

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