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Help us Save Jerry! Donate for her

Help us Save Jerry! Donate for her

Update** Dear Jerry passed away peacefully on September 13, 2018 approx 11.40 PM – close to midnight. May she rest in peace. 

We learned so much from her, we fed her everyday for the past couple of months we knew her; it was a very joyful, great experience – unforgettable experiences. She is our daughter.  

Love you Jerry! Good bye… 

Update* 12 Sep. 2018, Her blood test report came out: She is currently suffering from kidney failure / dysfunction. She is admitted in pet clinic and is undergoing treatment with Dr.Thanigaivel (vet) in Velachery, Chennai, India. IV Drips morning and evening along with medications.

With Gods Grace, there is a chance of recovery. We are seeking donations for her. 

Jerry is very lovely female dog (stray) here in Chennai, Madipakkam. She has tvt cancer – which is curable. We are trying to raise funds for her medical expenses.

Please donate whatever you are able to http://paypal.me/seedsucceed  alternatively Google Pay (tez) or Paytm +919444937532 or to our Academy Bank account contact me for it Whatsapp: +917358473002 / email [email protected] or DM me @Seedsucceed twitter/instagram.

We have been feeding her and other strays across our local area – more info can be found on our insta / youtube seed succeed. Recently, her health had a decline and she is currently undergoing treatment.

Help us save Jerry!

Thank you, 
Sai Prahlad K (Seed Succeed Team)

Here are some images old and New of Jerry

More images of Jerry Visit Google Photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/GL1qdHFwCemHda2a8

This is Miku the Crow – injured wings and eyes – currently under our care. Her eyes healed but wings will take time to grow. 


Doggy we rescued couple of months back

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