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What Can Chess Do for You?

What Can Chess Do for You?

I love Chess! Its a Great game to have fun and have a blast.

What can chess do for you?

It really depends on where you are in life and what you want to get out off. For me, it showed a whole new world that I did not know. I was confined to my school and surroundings. Through Chess i learned about ‘learning’ things I didn’t know that I should. The World became a huge puzzle to solve, to crack. I had a lot of fun and invaluable life lessons through chess.  

What it can do for you is entirely up to your perception and view of the world. 

What I can guarantee is whatever happens on the chess board – it will reflect on your life. Whatever mistakes you do there (once you become a better player) you might end up making the same type of mistakes on your life #Business – its like a reflection of your mind’s decision making skills. 

You can learn about Intuition – the feeling Kevin O Leary from Shark Tank says, “Index of Fear.” Chess is a mathematically infinite game. If you count all the possible moves in a chess game the number would be like 120 zeroes. Which is more than the number of seconds since the creation of our Big Bang Universe. So, its impossible to calculate 100% in chess – unless you are a machine. Same way with life. You can think logically but you cannot foresee all the dynamics of life.  You have to rely on your gut #Intuition

If you ask me what is the one thing that chess can teach me? 

I would say Patience. But, its not the patience you think.

Patience according to Merriam Dictionary means 

In chess you are going to loose a lot! PERIOD 

Nothing is going to change that – even world champions lose games. But you will learn is

“Patience’ the ability to accept failure, defeat, and to try again.” 

Garry Kasparov 

This is not something you can learn in school or even other sports for this matter. Losses will be brutal and sometimes extremely unfair. Something that you will never forget for life. 

I played this FIDE International Tournament was it Delhi or Manglore,  I can’t remember. But this game is something I regret to this day and its been almost 10 LONG YEARS! 

I was playing against a lower rated player. He kept an interesting trap to capture my rook with his knight, and I let him take it. I had beautiful masterful counter on the center – because he violated a principle of not keeping his king safe and I was blasting his position. I went on to sacrifice another material , a bishop, for a 8 or 9 move combination. I was clearly winning and in this final move #blow i.e. in the end of the combination. I made a blunder gave the check with the wrong piece. Had I checked him with my rook, it was game over. He had to give up his queen and mate will follow. I gave a check with my queen and he had a defense cause of it and I lost that game! 

I was too into my calculation and variation – I didn’t re-evaluate the position.  I was too zoomed in or zoomed out on my thinking and thoughts #calculations. I didn’t consider to properly recheck the position near the end of the combination. It could be my lack of discipline. Either way, the fault was mine and I lost that game. Very painful defeat. 

One move is all it takes to change your fate. 

I have many such experiences. I had great ups and bad downs in my life and in business. Making 6 figures to loosing 6 figures. 

But all in all, I learnt a lot and I’m moving forward. Tell me what chess has taught you in your life, and if you don’t know chess or wants to improve. I will be happy to teach you this mathematically infinite game of kings and queens. Click here for to join


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