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Our mission is to spread good ideas and create positive momentum.


In seed-succeed.com, we are going to share our process to what we perceive as success in life. Not just in finance, but also health, wealth, love and happiness.  And so, this website can be considered as a blog, an autobiography, a marketing business tool, a place to learn stuff, a place to read or view content and so on.

We are going to write about a whole variety of topics from economics, to history, to learning languages, to the theories of the game of chess, to reviews, how life is in India, and a lot!

We are also going to bring in together some great content that has helped us get over our slump, or cogs of life.

Over all this is a documentary of our journey in life, and a website that can help people generate positive momentum.

What is positive momentum? 

One of the greatest tools we can and must use a lot is the power of inversion! Basically, when you don’t know how to get something or do something, you inverse it.

Like, you don’t know ‘how to become successful in life’ or ‘don’t know how to become rich‘ -> you inverse the problem and say -> ‘What will make one unsuccessful in life?’ or ‘What will make one poor?’ 

Likewise to explain ‘what is positive momentum?’ let’s use the power of inversion: What is the inverse of positive momentum or no momentum, and what does it feel like?

To me, it is the sensation of being stuck in mud. No improvement, lack of sense of direction, boredom, lack of progression in self or business and so on. i.e. you plateaued.

Positive momentum then is essentially the thing that makes you feel fulfilled, accomplished, feels like you are moving towards something, regardless of how stormy or windy your environment is, you are moving forward. building a slow, yet steady pace towards the objective that you seek.

That to me is positive momentum,

u0026amp; I believe it could be probably one of the most crucial elements to success -creating momentum, growing day by day.


What makes one loose momentum in life? 

Death of a loved one, lack of awareness,  lack of knowledge, forgetting the basics/fundamentals, lack of vision, false mindset or expectations, not improving oneself, false convictions, external factors such as people, finance, markets, nature and on and on.


Why is this important to us?

When I plateaued, life went bleep…years passed in a flash with not much progress. You might have plateaued in life like me, or maybe not, either way -> You NEVER want to plateau or loose your momentum in life.  Because the next thing you know, you are like, “I’m 40 years old, I haven’t done anything significant in my life. Or look at my peers or Caleb Maddix who is 14 years old and made 100,000$ dollars. bla bla bla ”  Regrets Regrets Regrets.


“You are at your youngest NOW that you will ever be!” 

So go out there Now and learn something new, let go of one of your false convictions, and work, work, execute!

Our goal is to share our process and to help in someway, so that you get back your momentum in life or never loose it too bad.

This will not be my journey or yours, but “ours.” 

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