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Learn Chess & Grow

Learn to plan, strategize, think ahead, anticipate, understand opportunities, threats, weaknesses, objectives and strengths.

Become a strong chess & life player.

Special Offer


Rs.900 Rs 300 / Month
  • 8 Basic Videos [4.4 Hours] Prerequisite Videos to watch 4.4 Hours of Content + Practice App
  • Level 1 Certificate Provided Upon Completion of Level 1 Exam
  • 8 Live Classes a Month Level 1 Certificate needed to attend the live classes
  • Semi-interactive sessions
  • Free Online Tournaments
  • Puzzles & Games
  • Join Our Lichess Team
  • Join Our Community

For New Beginners, Hobby Players and those economically challenged.

Live Classes under this plan are only taken in Indian Standard Time (IST).

Special Offer


Rs.3000 Rs 1200 / Month
  • Interactive Session
  • Perks in Economy +
  • 8 Live Classes a Month
  • Microsoft Student Account
  • Intermediate Students

For those who seek to become strong, get International FIDE Rating and more.

1 on 1 Individual Training

Starting at Rs.800/class.

Pricing may vary depending on our coaches. 

Student & Parent Reviews

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Any Age Limitation to join Chess Classs?

Our Youngest Students are 3.5 years old, and our oldest are 67+

Chess has no age barrier. Our 5.5 Year Old Rockstar defeats 30+ year old student (who is also a police officer) with years of chess experience.

Parental Guidance needed?

For Kids below 13 parental guidance is a must. Each kid is different, do not expect kids to understand few things automatically. Parent’s must attend with kids in the beginning.

Do you organize Tournaments?

We organize 20+ online tournaments in a month. 

This helps kids take knowledge into experience. 

Can I only play tournaments?

Yes, join the hobby plan 300/- per month and enjoy our  tournaments. 

Can I join your academy as a coach?

you can drop us an email. at present we are not in short of coaches. but we will consider every request given. 

What if I miss a class?

Every class is recorded for later view.

Can I get a demo class?

Don’t expect demo classes for 300/month 

Prerequisite for joining?

If you are a beginner or just starting, you have to watch minimum 8 videos given. Only then you will start to understand the live classes.

If you have played district tournaments and beyond, you have to solve our puzzles. which will help us understand your level of strength.

How do you take classes? (what tools/app we need?)

All our classes are via Microsoft Teams App.You need to install/download Microsoft Teams.

If you are a regular, you will get academy account to view the classes. 

If you are a hobbist, you need to create a Microsoft account and share your email with us, to add you into our groups.

Is it Group classes or individual classes?

Group classes. If we take 8+ individual class for 300/month we will NOT be able to feed our families. 

Individual Classes are taken but prices are expensive, starting at Rs.800/class and above, depending on coach. 

Are group classes effective?

You should read our reviews. They all came from group classes. Its very effective and has produced amazing results.

Chess is not like other sports, once they understand the basics, group classes are the best way for them to learn, as it will also give them peer pressure. 

Are group classes interactive?

Yes, its semi interactive with tons of puzzles.

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