How to Attend Classes?

Classes are conducted via Microsoft Teams.

You will need a Microsoft Student Account provided by us [which will have along with a password], or invited as a guest into Microsoft Teams to attend the classes.

Next step:
On Mobile: download the Microsoft Teams app from play store.
On Desktop/Laptop: visit

Sign in with your student credentials.

You will be able to see your student group inside teams app (examples: chess class, chess tournaments) links to classes and other communication will be shared there, be sure to turn on the notifications (bell icon on phone) at the top of the channel settings.

In Teams App under calendar tab you will see schedule of the events and classes.

Read here how to use your MS account.

If you are invited as a guest without a student Microsoft account, then you need to create a Microsoft Account (free) and join. Make sure invited email matches with your MS account.

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