How to Join & Play Our Chess Tournaments?


  • Be a student or maintain an active paid membership in the academy.
  • Join Our Lichess Team (depending on your level it will change)
  • Play the Tournaments

How to Join Lichess Team #

 (if you are already part of the team, you can skip this step)

Step 1: Sign in to

Use Only Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser. App is not that recommended. If the browser is causing issues, then use the app.

Sign in with your username and password.

Step 2Go to Team Link example:

Step 3: Press Join Team

Step 4: Enter Student Name or Membership details in the default text area.

Step 5: Solve the Mate in 1 Puzzle

Step 6: Press Join Team & Await our Approval.

Step 7: Once approved, you can visit a tournament link from our events calendar or teams/whatsapp group and then click join.

How to Participate in a Tournament? #

Method A

Step 1: Sign in to Lichess

Step 2: Go to Community Tab -> Click on Teams 

Step 3: Click on Your Team

Step 4: Scroll down to Tournament Section, and Select by clicking on the tournament you wish to join.

Rabbit represents Rapid Tournaments.

Grey Rabbit means that the tournament is over.

Golden Rabbit means it’s an upcoming tournament. Click on an upcoming tournament.

You can also notice the day, date and time of the event.

Notice the Entry Requirement: Must be Part of the Team! This Must be in Green Color.

If it’s in RED color (instead of green like in the above image) then the JOIN button will not be highlighted.

which means you need to join the team first, to be eligible to participate in the tournament.

When you click JOIN your username will be on the list.

Note: The original JOIN button now became Withdraw. You can click on that to withdraw from a tournament.

Once your name is on the list, you have successfully joined the tournament. 

To play it, you need to show up on the same tournament page at the appropriate time, to get automatically paired with other participants.

You can find the required Tournament Details on the side or bottom of the tournament link. 

10+0 = Time Control for both players

1h (hour) is the duration of the event

Date and Time have given below, along with other info.

C30 King’s Gambit is a chess opening that players will play in this tournament.

Method 2:  #

Step 1: Go to Tournaments & Events Tab at the top menu

Browse and select the event/tournament you want to participate in (click on it).

You can find the Tournament details at 1.

And 2 the Tournament link under website (2) click on it and follow the above given joining procedures.

General Ethics & Principles #

  • Do Not Cheat or use computer assistance. Lichess has the tech to detect malpractice. Cheating will lead to a permanent account & IP ban. You may never be able to play again. So DO NOT CHEAT.
  • Free up Memory Space & HardDisk Space on your phone/laptop/tab. This will prevent hangups or lag when playing.
  • Do not Rage Quit (leave the game) unfinished. This will lead to a penalty and a temporary ban from playing. If you need to leave urgently, then resign the game. Do not just close the browser or app.
  • If you want to leave the tournament then be sure to click withdraw on the tournament page.
  • Do not ask players to Play Fast! Be patient, chess is a strategic, calculative game.
  • Do Not Play Fast! Think, Strategize, and then Play.
  • Don’t abuse, bully, or use foul language. Be courteous to other players. You never know who is on the other side. If coach or admins spot you badmouthing, you may get banned from playing temporarily.
  • Do not cry or rage quit over loses. Always be cool, calm, and collected. Understand why you lost, made your mistakes, take notes of your mistakes, mindset, posture, thinking process, moves played, and course-correct yourself for future success & wins.
  • Do not Quit. Losers will eventually win, but quitters are the real losers.
  • Have Fun & Enjoy the Game!

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