Screenshare not visible on Desktop in Teams | Blank screen error for viewers on Desktop

Common causes the Desktop Team’s Application is not up-to-date.

Quick Fix: Use the Web-Browser-Version of Teams.

Go to sign in with your student account, and open Teams app on browser.

Use only Google Chrome browser or Microsoft Edge Browser or Opera or FireFox Latest Browsers Only.

Be sure to keep your browsers updated.

Rare causes:

  1. Your Laptop/PC doesn’t have enough RAM
    Solution Clear RAM (by stopping, closing other applications.)
  2. Your Laptop/PC doesn’t have enough Hard-disk Filespace.
    Solution: Delete unused, useless files, or buy more HDD.
  3. Your system is not up to date with drivers and OS.
    Solution: Keep your PC & Applications and device drivers updated.

Other Solutions:

  1. Try Rejoining the meeting.
  2. Try Refreshing (Press F5) the page
  3. Change Your Internet Connection
  4. Restart Your Internet Connection
  5. DNS Flush Your Internet Connection
  6. Restart Your PC/Laptop/Tablet/iPad.

If none of the above solutions work, then use a different device. If you found a different solution that worked for you, share with us.

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