Screenshare Not Visible on Mobile Devices in Teams App

Common Causes

  1. App is not updated.
    Solution Update the app from playstore.
  2. Not Enough RAM Space for Processing
    Solution: Clear Background apps and other running apps.
  3. Not Enough file space for the app to run.
    Solution uninstall unused apps, images, videos and create space for your phone. move your files to cloud.
  4. You may have bad internet connection
    Solution: Change your internet connection.
  5. Make sure you haven’t accidentally pressed something that made it invisible.

Common Solutions

  1. Rejoin the meeting (repeat the process a few times)
  2. Close the App fully and Restart the App
  3. Sign out of the account and sign back in
  4. Restart Phone
  5. Restart Your Internet Connection (if wifi)
  6. Use a different device.
  7. Try Using a headset

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