What titles are there on Lichess?

Lichess recognizes all FIDE titles gained from OTB (over the board) play, as well as many national master titles. Here is a list of FIDE titles:

  • Grandmaster (GM)
  • International Master (IM)
  • FIDE Master (FM)
  • Candidate Master (CM)
  • Woman Grandmaster (WGM)
  • Woman International Master (WIM)
  • Woman FIDE Master (WFM)
  • Woman Candidate Master (WCM)

If you have an OTB title, you can apply to have this displayed on your account by completing the verification form, including a clear image of an identifying document/card and a selfie of you holding the document/card.

Verifying as a titled player on Lichess gives access to play in the Titled Arena events.

Finally there is an honorary Lichess master (LM) title.

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