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May Month Student Performance: A Month of Achievements and Growth

Discover the remarkable achievements of Seed Succeed Academy students in May. From earning prestigious ACM titles to significant rating increases and tournament successes, our students have shown exceptional progress. Read about their journey, mental training, and future aspirations. Stay updated with our ongoing competitions and training programs.

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Different Levels in Chess

Chess players are often categorized into different levels based on their skill, experience, and ratings. Here are the main levels, from beginners to the highest

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Mastering the Game: The Chess Journey of Abishek E

Discover the inspiring chess journey of Abishek E, a young prodigy from Kanyakumari, who transitioned from badminton to mastering chess during the COVID-19 lockdown. Learn about his achievements, including the prestigious Arena International Master title, and his relentless pursuit of excellence under the guidance of Coach Sai Prahlad K at Seed Succeed Academy.

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Aadik: Chess Prodigy Portfolio

Support Aadik Theophane Lenin’s chess journey to the Asian Youth and World FIDE Chess Championships in 2024. Discover his achievements, aspirations, and how you can contribute to his quest for chess mastery. Join us in fostering the next generation of chess grandmasters.

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