Brihat Jeevaseva Trust

Is a Compassionate organization devoted to the welfare of animals and humans alike. Since 2012, we have strived to provide food, shelter, and essential medical care to stray animals, cows, bulls, and any creature in need. We are also committed to supporting our community, offering assistance with medical expenses, funeral arrangements, and other urgent needs. Inspired by the teachings of E K Dhilip Kumar Guruji, our mission is to serve with kindness, respect, and a deep reverence for all life. We believe in the interconnectedness of beings and strive to make a positive difference in the world.

Your Gift Provides Shelter and Healing

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Make your payment directly into our bank account. Please take a screenshot and share it in whatsapp group or to me +91 7358473002 as the payment reference. The payment will be marked as paid once the amount is deposited. Gpay/phonepe: +91 7358473002 | UPI: saithemaster@pingpay PayPal: sa**********@gm***.com