Mastering the Game: The Chess Journey of Abishek E

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Discover the inspiring chess journey of Abishek E, a young prodigy from Kanyakumari, who transitioned from badminton to mastering chess during the COVID-19 lockdown. Learn about his achievements, including the prestigious Arena International Master title, and his relentless pursuit of excellence under the guidance of Coach Sai Prahlad K at Seed Succeed Academy.

Unlock Chess Mastery: Cultivate These 2 Essential Habits for Success

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Success in chess, much like in any other endeavor, is indeed a journey rather than a destination. This journey is paved with consistent effort, strategic planning, and most importantly, the cultivation of good habits. As an international chess coach, player, and blogger, I’ve come to realize that certain habits stand out as foundational pillars for […]

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